What is Farmers Feeding Florida?

More than 3.6 million of our neighbors struggle to afford nutritious food, while many farmers and packers may have surplus food that can help to ease the burden.

Farmers Feeding Florida (FFF) is a food recovery program instituted by the FAFB. Our goal is to work in partnership with farmers and packers in Florida to distribute unmarketable produce to our neighbors in need. FFF has been endorsed by Florida’s major commodity groups and is supported by the Florida Department of Agriculture and grants from private foundations.

FAFB may be able to help offset your pick and pack out costs and can arrange to have your donation picked up within 48 hours of your call, freeing up valuable cooler and dock space at your facility. With only one call to our logistics coordinator, your questions can be answered and your donation arranged. Working together, we can fight hunger in Florida!

One call can help fight hunger today!

                 ( 352-3662 )

For information or to discuss your donation:
Gail Starratt, Fresh Produce Sourcer
1-855-FLA-FOOD (352-3663) ext. 1
Mobile: 863-368-1918
E-mail: gail@fafb.org

To schedule a pickup:
Barry Draper, Logistics Coordinator
1-855-FLA-FOOD (352-3663) ext. 3
Mobile: 817-542-3040
E-mail: barry@fafb.org

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Making The Connection

You have the unmarketable but wholesome produce; we have the means to share it with hungry people. 
Across our network, we have refrigerated facilities to store your donation as well as a fleet of 160+ refrigerated trucks to safely transport and distribute it statewide. Food bank employees and volunteers are trained and certified in proper food handling to ensure the quality of your donation. Inventory and monitoring programs prevent product re-entry into the marketplace.

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